Free Internet

The bottom of this list is still places I’ve personally found free wi-fi, but I also found this awesome and far more comprehensive list online: Free Wi-Fi Around America.


After a few years working on ships, I realized one of the most sought after goals of travelers is the elusive free wi-fi spots. Fortunately, they’re getting less and less elusive, but here is a list of spots I’ve found so far.

Alaska – Juneau

The Viking – a bar right around the corner from the main cruise ship dock, across from the library. 218 Front Street

Silverbow Bakery – up two blocks from the bus station and on the right. 120 2nd Street

Aruba – Oranjestad

Dunkin Donuts/Little Caesar’s – on the main street of Oranjestad. Second floor.

Starbucks/Taco Bell Shopping Center – further down the main road along the water, you’ll come to a casino on your right and a center full of restaurants and clothing/trinket stores. You can pick up free wi-fi from most of the restaurants in that area.

Puerto Rico – San Juan

Starbucks – there are two within walking distance of the cruise ship terminal. One is right up the road where the Post Office is, in the area where there are a bunch of bars/restaurants. The other is on the way to El Morro through the city, across from a small park and Walgreens. The further one is a 15 minutes walk, but usually is much less crowded. There is also a Subway next door to it that has free internet, but you need to purchase something to sit there and use it.

If anyone has any other places they’ve found a reliable free internet signal around the world (or for the cost of a cup of coffee), let me know and I’ll add it to the site.


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