Recently my cousin dubbed me Sherpa of the World, which I found pretty amusing.

According to Webster a sherpa is: a member of a Tibetan people living on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal and known for providing support for foreign trekkers and mountain climbers

I can’t claim to be Tibetan by a long shot, and I haven’t made it to the Himalayas (or Nepal, for that matter), but my intention here is to let any readers in on the hints and tips I’ve collected during my own time as a foreign trekker. I’ve spent two years working for a cruise line, traveling the world, and I’ve recently moved to the middle of nowhere England to attend graduate school. Whenever I get a chance, I love to head off to a new area and explore.

Stick around and you can learn some handy ideas from my adventures and hopefully avoid the same misadventures.

Searching for Nessie

Searching for Nessie


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