The Neon Museum – Las Vegas, NV

So my best friend Christine also has an inclination towards weird attractions and decided that we were going to The Neon Museum while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago. Although she kept referring to it as the Neon Graveyard. Turns out it’s actually called the Neon Boneyard and it’s where iconic (and not so iconic) Vegas neon signs go to die. Or not die, I guess, since tourists are wandering around looking at them.

Me & Christine Basking in the Neon Glow

Me & Christine Basking in the Neon Glow

The Neon Museum is well off the strip, so it takes a car or quite a cab ride to get there (it’s near the minor league baseball stadium). When you enter, it’s just a small room (apparently a part of an old hotel that the group saved because of its cool architecture and repurposed as their gift shop) where you can buy tickets for the tour and a surprising array of Neon Museum souvenirs (yes, I bought a shot glass). The tour price is a shocking $25 a person. Most shocking than that is the fact that there were 4 tours that night and they were all full… apparently Christine was not the only intrigued by the place.

Neon Museum

            Our tour guide was an interesting chick. Quite possibly the most awkward public speaker ever. And super, super excited about neon signs. A really odd combination, bless her heart. But we learned exciting facts such as: when signs come down, they all go to boneyards, but most are cesspits of glass shards and toxic vapors from the neon tubes, so the public can’t go into them; the oldest neon sign was from like the 30s and belonged to some woman who owned a small shack that sold cocktails and food; the Stardust had the highest neon sign for years, whenever another was built, they’d just throw a few more stars on top to top the other signs height.

Neon Museum

            All around, I can’t say I’d recommend it. I thought if admission were $5, it would be an incredible roadside attraction, as it is certainly it’s own little corner of weirdness, but at $25 a pop, it’s pretty much highway robbery.

If you want to learn more about The Neon Museum, you can check out the website here.

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