Photographin’ Stuff

I am, possibly, the world’s laziest photographer. I travel to all these random places around the world and for years I had the same point and shoot camera my parents got me when I graduated high school. Unfortunately, about a year ago, it bit the dust while I was in Lisbon, Portugal. I had, however, been thinking about taking my photography to the next step with a DSLR camera and decided this would be my chance.

The thing I didn’t realize was that my days of just shoving my camera and my ID into my back pocket and taking off to explore were gone. I’ve also been dating a guy who is crazy about photography for quite a while and he continues to look at me like I’m committing blasphemy when I sigh and then toss my massive camera loosely into my bookbag to bounce around with a sweater, my wallet and the extra lens he bought me for my birthday (when I complained that I couldn’t get any decent close ups with the wide angle lens the camera came with).

I continue to shun those large bookbags designed specifically for DSLR cameras and all the crap you have to carry to use one and have yet to find a single camera bag that seemed like something I wanted to deal with.

Until today. Another a big hobby of mine other than traveling is finding free stuff, so on one of my daily trolls through the freebie minefield, I came across this offer. A free camera bag competition for the coolest camera bags I’ve ever seen. Honestly, if I don’t win, this may well just be my next big purchase anyway.

You can check out the giveaway at Mom Spotted.

Or you can check out the website that has an assortment of really cool camera bags at the Kelly Moore Bag Store.

And stay tuned for updates soon from Belgium, Amsterdam, Newcastle and London.

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